The Northumberland Gin Company
The Northumberland Gin Company

Welcome to The Northumberland Gin Company!


The Northumberland Gin Company is a well established gin making emporium recently taken over by Peter and Jane - the Gin Twins. 

The NGC currently has one beautifully crafted gin to offer - Hexham Premier Cru.  Perfect in all gin based cocktails (especially so in the Negrado), the smooth , clean and well balanced taste makes quite simply the best G'n'T.  Not renowned as a 'shots' spirit, through extensive R&D (we suffer for our art !), we have also chanced upon the perfect way in which our Hexham can be enjoyed chilled, straight from a shot glass. More news on that to come.      


We have plans for further Gins but first we want to produce our first set of batches and grow the brand which is currently on sale in Fenwick of Newcastle. We are a small company run by two people who love Gin and who have dreamed of being part of the craft Gin world.


Love Life, Love Gin !!


Please note, you can purchase our Hexham gin via this site - go to Buy Our Gin   






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