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Recommendations for Hexham Premier Cru


With its mix of sweet and earthy botanicals, this Gin has a number of garnishes that work incredibly well. In a GnT, try it with a slice of cucumber or a slice of celery for a refreshing drink on those hot sunny days England is renowned for ! Try it with a slice of Orange to bring out those sweet overtones. 


Or how about these garnishes, all work really well with our Hexham:  

Strawberry and black pepper -  garnish with a quartered strawberry and a crack of black pepper.

Grapefruit and basil  -  garnish with slices of pink grapefruit and fresh basil leaves. 

Chilli and coriander - garnish with red or green chillies and fresh coriander leaves. 


The signature drink of our Hexham is a delicious twist from the standard GnT. Add your ice to the glass and pour in a double measure of Hexham (life too short etc). To this, add a splash of Fentimans Victorian Cloudy Lemonade or Fevertree Sicillian Lemonade, in the same measures of tonic that you would normally use. Smash a sprig of Thyme in your hands, stir the drink around with it and drop it into the glass. Sit back and enjoy a Hexham 'Fog on the Thyme'. 


Happy Hour

This weeks recommended Cocktail is the Modern Long Pink Gin

Large (5 cl) of Hexham Premier Cru  

2 large dashes of Angostra Bitters

soda water


A modern cocktail that taps into the trend of avoiding sugar in long drinks, it’s ideal for those who would rather not drink tonic


Add a large Hexham to a tall glass half filled with ice. Add the Angostura Bitters and top up with soda water. Combine with a stirrer add a twist of Orange and start relaxing.


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